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Chaîne News On-line
Launched in February 2012, the Chaîne News On-line website reamins an exciting development in how the Chaîne delivers its news, features and event reports to its members.

Taking advantage of today's internet worldwide presence, this on-line 'magazine' offers comelling, visually-rich and global content.

The Chaîne News On-line website is a natural and dynamic complement to the Chaîne's annual printed magazine: the Revue Internationale de la Chaîne.

Updated almost on a daily basis, the articles displayed give a great insight of the vivid life of the Chaîne around the world!

Complementing the Chaîne News On-line itself is a regular e-Newsletter, the 'Chaîne e-News', circulated to all members and non-members who have subscribed to the service.

These subscribers benefit from a visual reminder that new articles are available and can thus keep up to date with activities of the Confrérie without losing time searching for them.

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